Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones review: Great Bass, Excellent Battery At Aggressive Price

These days it’s not that hard to find good headphones under 2000. Mi has recently introduced Mi Wireless Headphones in the market; it got solid 20 hours of battery backup and good Bass. I have been using them for the past month, so here is my Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones Review.

Specifications mi super bass wireless headphones

Brand: Mi

Headset Type: On the ear

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Drivers: 40mm

Bluetooth: Version 5.0

Battery Backup: 20 Hours

Charging Time: 2 Hours

Weight: 150g

Available Colours: Red and Yellow

Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones

What’s inside the box?

The package is very minimalistic and comes with all the useful accessories. The box is in flashy red colour outside we have the specifications.

  • Mi Super Bass Headphones
  • USB Cable
  • 3.5 mm AUX Cable
  • User Manual

Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones Review

Mi is well known for providing good products at an aggressive price point, and these headphones are no different. Priced under 2k and offers lots of features like long battery and 3.5mm aux input.


These headphones have good design. Headband comes with a soft cousin, and we can extend the height of the headphones according to our needs. Outside of the headphones housing Mi logo is printed on both sides and inside two 40mm drivers are attached. My concern is that these speakers are not fixed, they are moving we have to handle them carefully. Right side housing also has an LED indicator and Microphone to attend the calls.

Headphones cushion is made of soft materials we can wear them for long hours without any pain in ears. On humid days we can see the sweat on the foam cushions. Inside the cushions, we can see the L, R logos in red color.

On the right side, there are three buttons, two volume buttons, and one multifunction power button. Volume buttons can be used to change the tracks, the power button can be used to answer/reject calls, and we can also activate voice assistant with it. Micro USB charging port and 3.5mm AUX input are placed at the bottom side of the right headphone’s housing.

Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones Review

Sound Quality

As the name suggests, Mi has heavily concentrated on Bass, and it impresses bass lovers. Sometimes Bass dominates the vocals, listing songs in these headphones is a great experience. Mi Headphones misses out on a balanced sound signature, instead of boosting Bass they should have improved vocals and a treble little bit.

I connected these to my laptop and watched a movie, and they have produced good sound. When I played a video on mobile, I got audio sync issues with the stock video player, but this problem has been solved when I used a third-party video player.

Call quality was good we can hear the other person’s voice very clearly, but they can’t hear our voice maybe there is a problem mic placement. These headphones definitely not recommended for those who want to use it for long calls.


Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones comes with Bluetooth 5.0, and there is 3.5mm input as a backup. There is no connection drop once we paired with the device. Bluetooth range is very good phone is in one room, and we can use headphones without any issue from other room. When we connect through 3.5mm cable audio controls on the headset won’t work, but the good thing is that there no change in audio quality.Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones Review

Battery life

The company promised 20 Hours battery backup, in my tests I got around 18 hours easily. Recharge time is 2 hours which is very long, and there is no support of fast charging. An average user may have to charge it once in a week, which is pretty great for wireless headphones.


Finding a headset that full fills all our needs a tough task, this is where Mi headphones come in to rescue we can use it with your mobile phone and on the laptop without any problem. Sure build quality should have been better; it feels just above average. If you are in search of headset under 2k Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones are a great choice.

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