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Ever since Mi has released its first fitness band, the company has been updating it every year, with new features. Mi Band 4 is the latest upgrade to its predecessor Band 3 it got excellent features, but it also needs an update in this fast-growing market. Find out what’s new and what makes it stand out in the crowd in this complete Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review.

Specifications Of Mi Band 4

On the specifications front, Mi Band 4 will surpass most of the fitness bands in the market. It is also relatively cheap for what it offers.

Display: .95” AMOLED

Display Resolution: 120*240

Body: Polycarbonate

App: Mi Fit

Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope; PPG heart rate sensor; Capacitive proximity sensor

Bluetooth: Version 5.0

Water Resistance: 5 ATM

Battery: 135mAh

Charger: 2Pin Pogo Pin

Colors: Multiple color straps

What’s New?

  • The new improved gyro sensor
  • 5ATM water resistance
  • 95 inch AMOLED touch display
  • Alert for calls and new messages when connected to mobile phone
  • Built-in Alarm and stopwatch
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Mi Band 4

What’s inside the Box?

  • Mi band 4
  • Pogo Charger
  • User Manual

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review

Xiaomi is well known for making great products at affordable prices without compromising on quality same continues with Band 4. Cost of this band will undercut most of its competitors like honor band 5 and Samsung Galaxy fit.


Mi has continued the same curved design formula from Mi Band 3. It is a bit difficult to differentiate between Band 3 and Band 4 they look very similar to each other even the strap is the same. Personally, I’m not a big of this type of design I like square type design, but as the time progress, the design has grown on me.

There are few minor changes on the front, now band 4 comes with AMOLED display, and back button is hidden under the bottom side of the device. On the backside, there is a sensor to measure heart rate and pogo pin charging port. The device can be detachable from the strap, but it takes some effort to separate them.


It got all the features that fitness enthusiast needs, like steps count, continuous heart rate monitor, and sleep tracker and activity tracker. Mi band 4 has this screen lock feature once the band is removed from hand it will be locked we have to enter a passcode to unlock it, I found a small bug in it once this passcode is activated there is no way you can turn this screen lock off.

Mi band 4 packs some of the other additional features like DND mode for the band, music playback control of the connected device, Alarm, stopwatch, timer and we can put the connected device on silent mode.


It packs impressive .95” AMOLED display, which produces excellent colors, because of the big size reading notifications is not a problem. Sunlight visibility is also very good at full brightness.

Xiaomi doesn’t disclose which type of glass used of display but it is very good, the screen doesn’t have a single scratch in my one-month usage.

The touch response is very good. This band works on swipe and tap controls. By Swiping up/down, we can go through menu items, a single tap will open the item, and a swipe from left to right will take to one step back. I am surprised that the band is water-resistant, but touch won’t work in wet conditions.

We have an option to change the watch faces form the Mi Fit app, or else you can find more watch faces from third-party apps.

Performance Of Xiaomi Fitness band 4

I am surprised by the performance of Mi band 4, except for the step counter which disappointed me because it won’t give accurate results. Slight hand movement can count as a step.

Heart Rate Monitor: This will measure heart rate 24 Hours, we can also set the detection intervals according to our choice. All this data can be accessed from the Mi Fit app. It will show us the max, minimum, and average heart rate for 24 hours.

Work Outs: Mi band will track a total of 6 types of workout modes, Outdoor running, treadmill cycling walking exercise, and pool swimming.

Sleep Tracker: This will track all our sleep time, and give score according to our sleep time. The sleep data is divided into 3 parts deep sleep, light sleep, and time awake. According to our sleep, Mi fit app will give suggestions to get good sleep. This app also compares our data with similar age group users form nearby areas. I wish we can check our sleep time inside the band itself.

Battery and Charging

Mi band 4 has 135 mAh Battery, Xiaomi said that mi band 4 battery life will be 20 days, in my usage it the battery has last for 16 days.

It comes with pogo charger, to charge the band we have to detach it from the strap and then place it on the charger. Charging time is 1:30 hours to 2:00 hours depending on the power source.

Mi Band 4

Additional Settings

Apart from tracking our activity, Mi band 4 has lots of other features. Once the band connected to mobile we can see the notifications from the band. We can also set up which apps notification can be displayed. We can also reject and silent calls of the connected device.

It also shows us 5 days of weather reports, and the band will access this data from the mobile phone.

Mi band has DND mode in this mode even the band is connected to mobile phone it won’t display any notifications until we turn off DND mode. We can also set up Auto DND, what it does is DND mode will be turned on after we fell asleep. It can also turn on the silent mode of the connected device.

Some of the useful features like Alarm, stopwatch, timer, and find device option. From the Mi band 4 we can control the music playback of the connected device.

Mi Fit App Connectivity

To check all fitness data and set up the band, we need to download Mi Fit app, which is available for both Android/IOS. We need a mi account to sign in to the app, pairing the band also very simple. Inside the app, we can find heart rate and sleep tracker data.

From Mi Fit app we can also customize the band like changing the band faces and setting up the notifications etc. At the beginning, users may confuse with the app but over time they may get used to it.

Conclusion To Mi Band 4 Review

Mi Band 4 is definitely by far the best budget fitness tracker available for the price. If you are in hunt of budget fitness tracker Mi band 4 will worth a try, and you will satisfy with your purchase.

Lots of the features of Mi band 4 are already in mi band 3, but the display has made all the difference and also mi has introduced a new sensor in Band 4. In my opinion, this new Mi Band 4 will be a worthy update.


Mi Band 4 will go against Honor Band 5. The price of honor band 5 also higher than the Mi band. Honor also has the advantage of having SPO2 sensors, this will calculate oxygen percentage in blood. But the Indian version does not get this feature, future firmware updates may bring SPO2 sensor.

Another competitor to Mi band 4 is Samsung galaxy Fit, Both bands share identical specifications. Mi band 4 advantage is its price, Samsung galaxy fit is slightly on the expensive side.

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