Honor Band 5 Review: Is This The Good Update

Honor is well known for making great mobile phones, a few years back they launched fitness trackers and smartwatches. Particularly fitness trackers received a good response because of their performance and budget price. I personally own Honor Band 4, in terms of performance it hasn’t disappointed me. The latest addition to their fitness bands is Honor Band 5, it looks the same as its predecessor but has some other additional features. Find out what’s new and if it’s a worthy update in this complete Honor Band 5 Review.

Specifications Honor Band 5

Unlike any fitness tracker, it comes with a heart rate monitor, and now honor band 5 has an additional SPO2 sensor about which I will talk about later. Now, band 5 can track 10 workout modes.

  Honor Band 5 Specs

Display.95” AMOLED
Display Resolution120*240
AppHuawei Health
Sensors6-axis Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Optical Heart Rate Sensor and SPO2
BluetoothVersion 4.2
Water Resistance50 M
Battery100 mAh
Battery Backup14 Days
Charging Time1:30 – 2:00
ColoursMultiple color straps
Warranty1 Year
Weight23 g

 What’s New?

  • SPO2 sensor
  • AMOLED Display
  • 96% Accuracy
  • 10 Workout Modes

What Do We Get Inside The Box?

  • Honor Band 5
  • USB cable
  • Charging Dock
  • User Manual
  • Screen Protector

Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5 Review

As I said earlier, I already owned Honor Band 4 and liked its performance. I have been using Honor Band 5 for a few days it also worked like a charm.

Design And Display

Honor hasn’t changed the design; it continued the same design pattern from band 4. The only change is a new honor logo is printed on the free loop of the strap. On the front, there is a touch-sensitive back button.

Band 5 comes with .95” AMOLED display, it is very bright, and sunlight visibility is also excellent. At full brightness under bright sunlight, we can read notifications without any problem. It can display up to 45 characters. We can also change the watch faces, but it is limited to only 5 depending on the region.

We can operate the band by tap gestures, and one tap will open sliding up and down will navigate between the apps, and sliding from left to right will take back. Touch worked very well and hasn’t faced any issue with it. We can switch between menu items by rotating our wrist, this can be enabled from the app.


This is where Honor band 5 shines the most. Honor already said that Band 5 would be 96% accurate. Band 5 dose perform very well with some hits and misses.

Step Count: we can find it in any budget fitness band, but accuracy is not great this is not an exception with Honor Band. It is good at tracking steps count, but the problem is if I move my hand, it may consider it as a step. The funny thing is that one day I drove about nearly 6 hours and it counted 8000 steps, that day I barley walked 200 steps.

Heart Rate: we can measure heart rate manually, or we can turn on Continuous heart rate monitoring. In continues mode, we can also choose between smart and real-time. In smart mode Heart rate will be measured according to our activities, whereas in real-time mode heart rate will be measured throughout the day, and we can check all data in Hawaii Health app. Honor Band 5 will measure heart rate accurately, according to me it is better than Mi Band 4.

Honorband 5

SPO2: This sensor can be seen in some expensive brands. It is great that honor has included it in Honor Band 5. It will measure the oxygen percentage in our blood. To measure it we have to wear the band tighter than usual. There is no automatic tracing feature we have to measure it manually. It will display both oxygen percentage along with heart rate. This data is only displayed in the band, and there is no way we can check this data in Huawei Health app.

Sleep Tracker: This is the one feature I completely rely on, ever since I have been using this band, it is tracking my sleep data accurately. We can check our sleep time in the band itself, but the detailed information will be available inside the app.

Inside the app, we can see sleep time and our sleep score, it will be given according to our sleep quality. Our sleep data will be divided into 3 types Deep Sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep. The app will also give suggestions according to our sleep type.

Workout Modes: Honor Band 5 can track about a total of 10 workout activities. But it lacks built-in GPS, to get accurate results of our outdoor runs and other activates we need to connect it to GPS and data-enabled mobile phones. In my test, the tracking worked very effectively.

Notifications and Additional Features: This band can display up to 10 notifications, we can set up which app can show notifications, and also we can answer or reject the calls of connected mobile. Also, there are additional features EMUI users, like by using band we can take photos and incoming caller ID unfortunately to test these features I don’t have Huawei Phone with me.

Do not disturb mode, in this mode band is still connected to our phone and notifications will not be displayed. It can be turned on from the app, and we can set it to all day or schedule it according to our needs.

More Features like find my phone, built-in timer, stopwatch, and alarm.

 Battery and Charging

It has built-in 100 mAh battery which can give claimed battery backup of 14 Days. If we always connect to a mobile or doing other activities battery downs drastically, I am getting approximately ten days of battery backup.

To charge the device, a charging case is provided, and it will take nearly 2 hours to charge it.

Connectivity and Huawei Health App

It comes with Bluetooth 4.2, which is not the latest version. Once it is connected to a device, it works very well without any connection loss.

Huawei Health App is available for both android and IOS. This app is clean and easily understandable all data of the band can be accessed from here. We can also set up the band according to our need. Even the band is not connected, this app can still track our step count, and also by using GPS, it can track outdoor running and walking activities.


If you are in search of a good budget fitness tracker for accurate results you can Buy Honor Band 5. It got all the goodies but misses out some features like music playback controls and even reminders, these are not necessary, but they should have been provided. Those who are entering the fitness world and want to track their daily activities should consider Honor band 5.

Should You Upgrade Form Honor Band 4??

Both have similar specifications except Band 5 has an SPO2 sensor and some additional workout modes. I have measured heart rate with Honor band 4 and band 5 same time, both giving exactly the same results. My suggestion is that if you already own honor band 4 you don’t have to upgrade to Band 5, wait for Honor Band 6.

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