Top 10 Best Photo Editing App For Mobile 2020

Smartphone cameras are becoming better year by year, but if you want your photos to be stand out on social media then those photos need a little bit of editing. To edit photo one doesn’t have to own a PC these days, there are some handful of apps available for mobile phones too. If you don’t know those I am here To help you, I have shortlisted Top 9 Best Photo Editing App for Mobile right here check them out.

Snapseed Best Photo Editing App For Mobile

Best Photo Editing App For Mobile 2020

This Google app is one of the best free photo editing apps for mobile phones. It supports RAW format, this particular feature makes it a powerful tool for photographers who takes photos on DSLR cameras and edit photos on mobile phones. Once editing of the RAW file completes we can export it as JPG image. The interface will take some time to understand, once you get used to it this going to be a very handy tool for editors.

Snapseed makes Double exposure editing very easy so you can get creative by combining two images. It has plenty of built-in filters and tools like Healing, Brush, Structure, and Perspective changer. Inside the app, there are lots of tutorials you can follow them to make your editing easy, these features make Snapseed one of the Best Photo Editing App For Mobile.



If you are familiar with photo editing apps then you must have heard about Picsart, this app will give a variety of editing options. Users can share their work in the Picsart community and also interested people can also join photography challenges conducted by Picsart. Coming to the tools this app will provide all the necessary tools for editing like cropping, shape crop, etc.

Picsart has lots of free stickers and college presents you can choose the one according to your editing style. Picsart offers a variety of text styles and a recent update will give you a video editing option but you need a premium subscription.


Best Photo Editing App For Mobile 2020

One of the few photo editor app for android this app simple UI makes it very easy to understand for new users. Users can take photos directly from the app and edit them on the go, by using Pixlr mobile photo editing app you can adjust the exposure, contrast, and brightness very easily. Pixlr editor you can also make double exposure edits and verity of overlays are available for free if you want more you can opt for the premium subscription.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express

This is one of the most powerful free photo editing tools available for mobile phones and it is free. Adobe Photoshop Express will become a very handy tool when you need a little bit of fine-tuning for your images. Cropping tool in this app is very unique you can select the aspect ratios of your choice or else if you want to upload the images in social media platforms then you can select the aspect ratios like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Along with all the necessary tools, it has a wide range of pre-sets too, they will get the job done for you when you need quick edits. Adobe Photoshop Express has a variety of stickers and different types of fonts which will help you to make more unique images. It has a variety of text styles you can make unique thumbnails for YouTube channel.


Best Photo Editing App For Mobile 2020

It is like any other photo editing apps but most of the features are available after premium subscription. With premium subscriptions, users can edit videos and apply cool effects to their videos.Without a premium subscription, you have access to tools like cropping, exposure, and white balance adjustments, etc. the UI is a little bit confusing for new users, once you get used to it you are good to go.

Prisma Best Photo Editing Apps For Selfies


When launched this app created quite a buzz, even celebrity’s posted their photos edited in this app. By using the Prisma app we can apply different types of filters that transform photos look like paintings and art. Inside the app, few filters are available for free, if you want to access over 300 filters you need to Get Prisma Premium. Apart from these fancy filters, users can also edit exposure, contrast, and white balance, etc.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile Best Photo Editing App For Mobile

Adobe Lightroom

The mobile version of the most popular photo editing PC app now available for mobile phones too. Adobe Lightroom Mobile will give you lots of free tools but sadly most important tools like healing and selective adjustments are locked for premium users. If you compromise on those two tools you have the option to use other features like color filters, cropping, and adjusting WB, Exposure, etc.

By using Lightroom users can take pictures within the app. The camera app also has pro mode we can control White Balance, Exposer, and also we can take images in RAW format. Adobe Lightroom Mobile is one of the Best Photo Editing App For Mobile you should try.

Polish (Photo Editor Pro)


This app has taken the photo editor app for mobile to another level, you can add sticker’s emoji and glitch effects much more to your photos. The best feature of this app would be an AI background eraser which helps lots of users who want to change the background of their photos.

This app can add unique AI effects and overlays on top of images which makes the images look unique. By using Photo Editor Pro adding emoji’s and text to photos is very simple. If user want more unique stickers and features they can opt for a premium subscription. If your work requires lots of different effects then buy a premium subscription of this app without any hesitation.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix

This is a trimmed-down version of Photoshop, this app will best suit those who want to make simple corrections to images. Most useful features like healing and light-adjusting features are given in the app.

Sometimes we want our background or some part of the image out of focus, we can do it by using a defocusing tool inside the Adobe Photoshop Fix. Liquify is another great tool which helps you to and funny dimension to the images.



AirBrush is one of the simple and feature-loaded photo editing app. Magic retouch tool in this app will automatically remove Blemish, Pimple Remover, and dark circles in one touch. The airBrush app has lots of makeup filters to give beautiful look to your face.

This app also comes with a built-in camera with loads of features and filters. Inside the camera app, we can adjust brightness, smoothness, and skin tones before taking the pictures. AirBrush is more of a beautification app, which helps you to retouch skin tones and makes it easy to apply different beauty filters easily.

I have shortlisted these apps according to my knowledge and usage, what apps do you use to edit photos on your mobile let me know in the comment section below.

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